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Anonymous asked
I really hope you do another CMV soon, you're so talented!

One that’s kinda special to me is in the works now. I’m having a custom instrumental cover of some music made for it and the guy doing it is being very slow about it so I’m not sure exactly when it’ll be finished. Fingers crossed it’ll be ready soon!

Anonymous asked
All your cosplays of the people from Achievement hunter are fucking great and I want to hug you all the time!!!!

Jbxkshjxnsjc thank you! You’re so sweet! I’d love a hug from you, Anon! :D

sadvsblue asked
first off, your cosplays are just stellar, I mean WOW! Secondly, I was wondering if you got many people in your ask box or just generally saying that cosplaying a person rather than a character is weird? I used to think that but I've sorted drifted away from that opinion for various reasons, but what do you have to say about it?

Hello! And ahhh thank you! You are too kind!

No one has ever said that to me or messaged me about that. However, I was always a bit iffy about it. I didn’t really think it was weird as much as I found the thought of cosplaying a real person to be impossible. I mean, how many people can cosplay a real person and actually look like them? Cosplaying an animated person is easier. Then I cosplayed Tony Stark from the third Iron Man movie. Suddenly I realized that people didn’t really care if I looked like RDJ, but cared more about the quality of my cosplay and if I looked/acted like Tony. It was a real eye opener.

That being said, my rooster teeth cosplay attempts are a bit different. I’ve gotten some messages or replies saying that I make people uncomfortable with how well I’ve managed to resemble a specific RT cast member (which is super flattering!). I find it super amusing though!

I’m a firm believer in cosplaying whatever you’re comfortable in/what you want. I get critiqued for cosplaying more men than women (I’m a girl), but I continue to do it because it’s what I enjoy. If you want to cosplay a real person, power to you! That’s definitely a challenge and I give you kudos for attempting something more difficult than a regular cosplay!

Anonymous asked
Um excuse me I'm just stopping by to tell you that you look really hot cosplaying Ryan

Ah! Thank you! I struggled a bit with Ryan (and the rest of the Gents, lol) so that means a lot :)


shikamaru and naruto might be my fav friendship in the show and is so underrated.


shikamaru and naruto might be my fav friendship in the show and is so underrated.

Master post of the casual Rooster Teeth cosplays I attempted in my spare time. Now with bonus Barbara, SlowMo!Gavin, and a poor attempt at Burnie!

From left to right:

Top row is Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, and James Ryan Haywood.

Middle row is Gavin Free, Ray Narvaez Jr, and Michael Jones.

Bottom row is Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free in SlowMoGuys gear, and Burnie Burns.

All cosplays are worn and styled by thealchemicfox

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Oh my God, thealchemicfox liked my HTTYD2 Hiccup cosplay! *Heavy breathing*

Dude, your Hiccup cosplay is LEGIT. Its super fantastic and you can tell you worked super hard on it!

I may need to ask you for some advice if I ever attempt HTTYD 2 Hiccup like my friends have been nagging ;)

Regardless, super amazing job. You’re really skilled!

FwF Information Will ONLY be Released by Me.

Just a reminder, guys!

Any information about Fridays with Frost will come directly from me. If anything is announced from someone else, do not trust it as accurate information. 

I apologize for anyone who was excited by the announcement that there was going to be a new FwF today. It was not made by me and is completely false. The video being uploaded is not associated with me or my channel. I don’t even know what it is about.

There is a new FwF recorded and awaiting upload, but it will be after my personal project is finished.

Sorry about this. I hope none of you were too disappointed by this clarification.